Tips for Getting The Best Price on A Franklin Home

Tips for Getting The Best Price on A Franklin Home

When it’s time to buy a home, we all want to get the best price possible. It would be foolish to do otherwise, wouldn’t it? The negotiations stage is that critical part of the home-buying process where you can get a great deal – or lose a bunch of money. But armed with some proven techniques and strategies, you are far likelier to come out the winner. So take a look at these tips for getting the best price on a Franklin home.

Don’t Be First

One of the most effective strategies for getting the best price on a Franklin home involves not being the first buyer to approach the seller. Sellers grow tired of having to endure viewers traipsing through their home month after month with no sale. The goal is to approach them after they get worn down –  when they are usually more willing to make concessions during negotiations.

Also, houses that have been languishing on the market for some time begin to lose buyer appeal. So if you approach a seller after a house has been on the market for at least 30 days, you will have much more bargaining/negotiating leverage.

Go in Armed with Knowledge

When it comes to negotiations for getting the best price on a Franklin home, knowledge really is power. If you enter into negotiations with more knowledge and information than the seller – things such as knowledge of the home’s true value, current market conditions, and the complex closing process – you will have the advantage.

Here’s an example. Much of the time, buyers aren’t aware that they can commission their own independent appraisal before a contract for sale is drawn up. Doing so will allow you to know the true value of the house – that is, you won’t be working from just the seller’s asking price and her appraisal.

Be Boldly Aggressive

You certainly don’t want to be a pushy jerk, but you definitely don’t want to be a pushover either. Being at least a little boldly aggressive will stand you in good stead during negotiations, especially when it comes to your initial bid.

For example, when you make a bid, you could offer, say, 10% less than you’re actually willing to pay. That way, the starting point in your negotiations will have as its focus your bid amount and not the higher asking price. And if you have been pre-approved and are capable of making a hefty down payment, then you can really apply the pressure because you are in the position of greater financial leverage.

Be Empathetic

Finally, in getting the best price on a Franklin home, it can be helpful to display some empathy. This may seem to contravene the tip just above, but it doesn’t really. You can be firm while still coming across as likable and able to relate to the seller’s concerns and issues.

The fact is we all like people who are like us. So, during negotiations, try putting yourself in the seller’s shoes and seeing things from her perspective. The goal is to establish or at least create the illusion of a connection, an empathetic human relationship. Doing this will incline the seller to like you and make her likelier to give you a better price and/or grant concessions.

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