Painting Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal When Selling Your House in Middle, TN

A first impression goes a long way and your home is no different. When your home is on the market, curb appeal matters more than you think. In fact, a good home curb appeal can boost property value by up to 7%.

Your curb appeal is how your home looks from the outside. When a neighbor walks by, this is what they’d admire. How can you boost curb appeal anyhow?

You could start by giving your home a fresh paint job. Our guide will walk you through some exterior painting tips to get you started. Keep reading to learn more.

Start With the Right Season For Painting Your House

While you could sell your home any time of the year, there will be certain seasons that work best when you want to boost curb appeal with paint. You don’t want to be fighting the elements, do you? Of course not!

Stick to warmer months and your home painting will be that much more of a breeze. That way you won’t have to be racing against the clock either to get it done.

Worst First

One of the best exterior painting tips we can provide is to start with the worst first. Nobody wants to do the more challenging or boring parts of the home. But think of it this way, when you can bang out those parts, the rest of the home will be that much more enjoyable.

If you do the opposite, it’ll feel like twice as much work.

Be sure to treat yourself when you do complete a difficult section of the home.

Patching and Sealing Preparation is Key

Before you dive into home painting, you’ll need to prepare with patching and sealing first. Just paint can work for minor things, but when it comes to the exterior of your home, you’ll want to do the job the right way.

If you’re after home curb appeal, be sure to spend that little extra time sanding and filling the gaps. This will ensure you get a good finish on your home.

Paint What’s in Reach

Another one of our exterior painting tips is to paint what’s within reach when you’re on a ladder. It takes a lot of time to move your ladder every 5 minutes. That’s why we recommend just painting what is within reach when you are at the top of the ladder.

Don’t feel like you need to follow the flow of the home’s architecture. Be sure to finish the job where the paint is flat. This will allow you to blend in with your new work.

Follow These Exterior Painting Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

Now when it’s time to sell your home, you can boost curb appeal with a fresh paint job. You will love the results this gets you. Neighbors will take notice too and may even want to ask you for exterior painting tips.

Your new home will be filled with love, so you’ll want to keep her nice and tidy. For more home advice, be sure to browse our blog.

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