Things to Do Right Now if You Want to Sell Your House This Spring

Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your Franklin House This Spring

1. Get Your Franklin Real Estate Agent Now

Spring is almost here! And if you’re thinking about selling your home, getting it listed to sell this spring might just increase your chances of selling fast!

Most sellers choose to list their homes in the spring and summer for a few reasons. To start, the weather is getting nicer, which means that more people are willing to go out to open houses and viewings. Additionally, buyers with children usually want to purchase and move into their new home before a new school year starts.

If you’re selling a house, keep reading. We’re breaking down 4 home-selling tips that you can use now if you’re preparing for spring to list your home.

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

2. Work on Your Curb Appeal For Your Franklin, TN House

Another thing that you can do to get ready for spring is to start thinking about your home’s curb appeal.

The outside of your home and your front yard are the first things that prospective buyers see. Making a good impression means having a clean, well-kept front yard, with manicured landscaping and a fresh coat of paint on the door.

Before spring arrives, take some time to start cleaning up your landscaping. You can even plant flowers and other plants that will bloom just in time for buyers to enjoy them.

3. Start Your Home Spring Cleaning Now

Whether you do some spring cleaning in your home most years or not, you’ll definitely want to this year. Even if you’re still months away from listing your home, clearing out clutter now can save you time and stress later on.

Additionally, make sure your home is thoroughly clean. This includes taking care of any necessary repairs that you’ve been putting off. Doing these ahead of time will help make sure the house looks its best when it’s on the market. You may even want to consider having a professional come in and do a deep cleaning before listing your home.

Start getting rid of items that you know you won’t take with you when you move. You should also consider starting to pack away items that you won’t need, like family keepsakes. This will make for a cleaner slate for prospective buyers viewing your home, and save you time packing when you do get ready to move.

4. Prioritize Your Home Updates With Selling In Mind

If you’re going to invest money in making updates to your home, make sure you’re prioritizing updates that promise the highest return on your investment.

For instance, updating your kitchen and bathroom will usually offer a higher return on your investment than bedrooms might.

When shopping for homes for sale, buyers are often focused on things like updated kitchens and modern bathrooms. Investing time and money to update those can help your home stand out to buyers.

Similarly, updating energy-efficient appliances or replacing outdated air conditioners and furnaces can also help to attract buyers.

Outdoor updates such as new landscaping, a patio addition, or a deck can also be attractive to potential buyers. But if you’re on a budget, it may not always be sensible to invest in these more expensive projects3

Putting These Franklin TN Home Selling Tips to Work

From updating your kitchen to boosting your curb appeal, these home-selling tips can help you get your home ready to sell this spring.

Start with the outside of your house. Make sure any areas that need to be painted, such as shutters or trim, are updated. Pressure wash siding and walkways to get rid of built-up dirt and grime. Summer is a great time for wildflowers or other seasonal plants to spruce up the landscape.

It can be difficult to start the process of preparing your home to sell. This is especially true if you’ve been in the home for years and have made special memories in it. But it’s important to remember that the memories stick with you, even after the home is gone!

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