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Kayla Jarmon Realtor
231 Public Square
Franklin, TN 37064

Kayla made the selling and buying process a walk in the park for us.  She’s very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to negotiate for sell and buy. Would highly recommend it!

– Josh McNeal

Kayla Jarmon is incredible!!! She’s just a beautiful person inside and out. I immediately felt a connection with her as she started helping us find a home. She made the whole process easy and enjoyable. Since we couldn’t physically see the homes, she was amazing with taking pictures and videos. When I felt bad saying no to a house, even if it was because of a small detail, she was so encouraging and kept saying, we will find the one that’s perfect for your family. And we did!!! Thank you, Kayla, for just being you. You are a forever friend.

– Collin Mathies

We moved to TN from out of state and met Kayla through a mutual friend. We were in the area on vacation and thought it would be a good idea to look at some houses because we really like the area. Kayla (almost instantly) had a list of houses for us that checked all the boxes. The process was seamless. It’s tricky to buy in Franklin right now with everyone fighting over houses. 

The home we bought ended up almost in a bidding war–multiple offers above asking–but we won thanks to Kayla’s sound advice and wisdom. Really… she knew about this way to make an offer that would pretty much guarantee we would get the house… and we did! We’re so happy with her service as a realtor and now we have a very close family friend. Our kids fell in love with her from the moment they met her while we were looking at various homes—Kayla is so good with kids! She made the whole process fun for the whole family, which is a challenge w/3 little ones. She’s connected to the right people in Frankin and works really hard. She treats you like family. I’m glad she is now my friend. Highly recommend her!

– CClanton
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