5 Popular Staging Trends for Franklin Home Sellers in 2023

Staging is always an important task for home sellers. Survey after survey has shown that staged homes sell faster and for more than homes that haven’t been staged. But as with everything else, staging is evolving. Certainly, the basics remain the same, but there are new staging trends you must take into account if you’re a home seller. Some of what once worked well for staging may not work now. With that in mind, we offer these 5 popular staging trends for Franklin home sellers in 2023.

1. Unusual, Creative Light Fixtures

Lighting things up with good artificial lighting and with plenty of natural light has always been an important aspect of staging. Lots of light makes a home and its rooms seem much more inviting and spacious. What is new in staging trends for Franklin home sellers in 2023 has to do with the kind of light fixtures that now work best.

In 2023, effective staging calls for light fixtures that are unusual, creative, and even quirky. You want to go for light fixtures that make a glam statement and can become conversational pieces of art in the home. So, with respect to light fixtures in staging trends, try these: wall sconces to add the feel of more space, pendant lighting over the dining table, and smart lighting that creates a scene or mood (more on this later).

2. Bold, Expressive Color Schemes

For a long time now, the standard advice when it comes to color has been to go with neutral tones and colors to create a blank canvas effect. But that too is changing in 2023. According to current staging trends, Franklin home sellers should now go in for bold, expressive color schemes. 

Bold colors and vibrant hues can serve to draw a potential buyer’s eye to the features and aspects of your home that you want to stand out. Such colors can also draw attention away from less desirable things in the home. Bright colors can make living spaces feel more welcoming and less formal, thus making your house feel more like a home that buyers will want to live in.

But this doesn’t mean you have to paint all the walls in these bright colors. You can get the job done with strategic wallpapers, bold rugs, bright pillows, and patterned curtains. Keep in mind as well that what buyers in the local market will play a role in best color practices. You can consult a Franklin agent at 615-543-5333 to find out what will work best color-wise in your market.

3. Bold, Arresting Accents

Similarly, the use of bold and arresting accents is another staging trend to note. These eye-catching accents can be anything from adventurous artwork to decorative items like vases. They will serve to add visual interest to a space and don’t require you to make major changes. And, as with bold colors, these eye-catching accents can help draw buyers’ attention to what you want to emphasize.

Be careful not to overdo it, though, with too many colorful accents that obscure living spaces. Don’t fill a room with so much stuff that buyers can’t see floors and walls. Accents are just that – accents. They should only highlight, complement, and fill in gaps, not draw attention from what should be observed.

4. Incorporation of Natural Elements

This may not be new among staging trends, but it is growing stronger and gaining momentum in 2023. It is the use of natural elements to add visual interest, make spaces seem more inviting, and give a feel of life.

Home sellers, then, should try to incorporate into their staging natural elements such as, say, flowers, foliage, botanicals, and driftwood. These are all items easily acquired and at very little cost. They can work very well to showcase an area or view and draw attention to a home’s outstanding features, all while imparting a sense of well-being, health, and harmony with nature.

5. Integration of Smart Technology

At the opposite end of the staging-trends spectrum lies incorporating smart technology. Although smart technology has been growing in popularity among homeowners, it is now coming into its own as an aspect of staging and becoming an important aspect of staging.

To cash in on this trend and leverage the appeal of smart technology, home sellers should try to incorporate these devices wherever possible. So if you’re a home seller install voice assistants, smart TVs, voice-activated lights, and built-in apps.

Just keep in mind that staging in 2023 isn’t only about aesthetics – it now includes technology. Used correctly, it can add a significant amount of appeal to spaces in your home. So you might even consider incorporating things like smart tables that come equipped with built-in charging stations.

Expert Assistance With Staging Trends

Staging done right can help you sell more quickly and at a better price. But it’s easy to get wrong, which can delay a sale and possibly cost you. You absolutely must take into account what works for staging in the local market. So be sure to work closely with your Franklin agent who will know exactly what your market requires. If you’re a home seller and want to leverage 2023’s staging trends, be sure to contact us today at 615-543-5333.

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